Home Renovation Tips and Hacks

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We always find something we wished we had in our home or wish we had added when building our first home. You might want a bigger shower, a toy room, and even a games room. Renovating is fun and exciting, but before you jump right into it there are things that you need to think about and things that need to be mapped out first.

Here are the most important things to consider before renovating:

DIY or leave to the professionals?

It may be tempting to take on your renovations yourself when you think about the money that you can save. In some cases, if you are qualified to carry out work such as electrical work or carpentry then a DIY job might work for you. If you find yourself watching YouTube videos on how to install tiles, then you might want to seek professional help.

Can you afford to renovate?

Renovating a house by yourself or professionalsWhen you are renovating the rest of the world doesn’t stop. You still need to pay bills and eat food. Get all your financials out and work out just how much money you have spare. If you find you are over budget, you might be able to cut costs somewhere like buying cheaper faucets which is something you can change later on when you have more finance. Also, sometimes the renovation costs are so high that it makes much more sense to knock down and rebuild a new home in place of the old home.

Is there time for renovating?

Renovating takes a lot longer than we all tend to think. You need to be flexible with your living plans. If you are hiring professionals, you are going to have people in and out all the time for a few weeks and you will need to be home and present when they are there. DIY renovating will take longer to especially if you are working you may only have time to work on the projects on weekends.

Think about the rules

In certain places, you will need a permit to build a pool, a shed, or to knock down a well. You need to notify your neighbours of the construction taking place and the council. Your work may be inspected. Ensure you know all the rules and regulations before starting any work as you may be forced to pull it all down if it is incorrectly installed or you don’t have a permit.

Which wall can I knockdown?

Now some walls are just there to divide rooms while others are load-bearing. If you are not sure which wall is doing what, you can call an engineer or building inspector who will inspect your home. The home design plans should be revisited if you have incorporated a knockdown of a load-bearing wall and a new home design plan should be made considering all permutations and combinations.

Is there asbestos?

Your home could be built with asbestos! Homes that were built even in the 2000s can still have used asbestos in their construction. Just to be safe it is a good idea that you get a building inspector to inspect asbestos materials.

While renovating can be plenty of fun, ensure that you check everything off your list, research things, and don’t start anything until you are 100% satisfied with everything. Get professional advice where needed to avoid any trouble from happening down the track. If you are not 100% confident with what you are going to do seek professional help and get quotes first to find the best possible deal.

In case you decide to build a new home instead of renovating an old one, the Victorian Government offers home builders grant that you can apply to.

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