PMP & office relocation

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The project manager is responsible for ensuring that the development budget is adhered to and for increasing the costs of the office relocation and the ongoing annual costs. The role also highlights dependencies and risks as the office moves through the project, manages the program’s risk register, and strives to mitigate risks. It is the […]

Benefits of using name badges

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Name badges

Name tags are useful at workplaces, airports, hotels, restaurants, airlines, and hospitals. Whether you want to establish harmonious working relationships with employees or improve your services, custom magnetic name plates with plastic inserts are a cost-effective way to achieve them. From offsite visitors to meeting teams or conference meetings, there are many purposes for which […]

How to Choose the right handle

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door knobs

Building your dream home can be stressful and time-consuming. Sometimes, little details may fly under the radar that could come back and give you problems in the future. The most important (and often overlooked) step to achieving the desired look for your home is selecting the right door fittings. Our first tip is to design […]

Name Tags Increase Rep

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Man in suit

There are a number of reasons why your company should consider purchasing employee uniforms and permanent name tags. However, it is crucial to understand that personal identification, when used correctly, has both drawbacks and advantages. Custom magnetic nameplates with plastic inserts are a great addition to your business. Whether you want to build harmonious working […]

How To Protect Timber in Summer

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Black TImber Stain

Similar to the way we protect our skin from the sun’s UV rays, your furniture also needs to be protected from the harsh sunlight during the summertime. To ward off the sunlight and protect the more delicate things in your garden such as wooden furniture, patio chairs, tables, etc, you need to follow a few […]

Home Renovation Tips and Hacks

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We always find something we wished we had in our home or wish we had added when building our first home. You might want a bigger shower, a toy room, and even a games room. Renovating is fun and exciting, but before you jump right into it there are things that you need to think […]

Pros of Reinventing Your Brand

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branding strategies and creative brand management

No matter how well-formed your brand actually is, there will be a time when you need to reinvent it. Whether you are trying to reach another target demographic, or you might be trying to keep up with the modern sentiments, re-inventing your brand needs to be carefully considered. If you don’t think carefully about it, […]

The Pests that Infest your Home

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Mice Control Services in School

  Pest control in your home is an ongoing process that requires vigilance, research, and action. Your house is your castle, and a castle needs a strong defense. There are a variety of pests that can plague your home, many of them discussed here have similar prevention tactics to keep your home safe. Most treatments, […]

Hazel Lenses: New Office Wear?

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hazel coloured contact lenses for office look

Corporate wear all over the globe is known for being smart, trendy, catchy but usually not over the top. It is normal to see office wear change worldwide from time to time following the trends of fashion, which brings us to the discussion of adding hazel-coloured lenses to your office wear. It is observed that […]

3D Home Tours – The New Normal

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As the pandemic continues, we are finding different ways to continue working and going about our normal daily lives all the while doing things a little different than we did before. New technologies have been introduced to the real estate industry that allows virtual tours of homes via virtual reality tech. It seems now that the […]